Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Red Bull Event

This is a Red Bull Art exhibit event. I took these photos while I was running Imagine Daily magazine
(Art magazine) .
This event was over five years ago. 
All the art pieces are fabricated with Red Bull cans. 

Here's one of the many Red Bull events thrown here in South Beach, Miami. I took photos of the set up before the event began. This is a different event from the event above. Red Bull is always throwing their events here in Miami.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A short day on South Beach

Well, I started my day thinking I was going to do some Yoga. The Yoga class was cancleled but, I decided to take a few shots on the beach before I went home. The guy below with the Miami Heat cooler was selling water. He's here everyday.

I thought I share with you a shot of the beach with the view of the buildings.

These are just some of the beach goers enjoying the view.

On my way home from the beach I stopped at this spiritual store and had to take a shot of Buddha.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

South Beach Love

The “ New age”, spiritual growth or maybe South Beach Locals simply are spreading positive vibes. Lets face it, whatever their reasoning may be; spreading positive affirmations is simply a good thing. 

All I know is that every time I look down and see the words well, this may sound silly but I feel as if its written just for me and I get filled with a warmth that someone out there gets it. Gets it? Gets what? Gets me that’s what, and it’s a good feeling. So, I imagine if I’m getting those warm vibes others are too. I say do your thang SOBE. Spread that mother fucking love.