Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Washington ave

As I walked along washington ave. I saw this Bad ass! Bike in the window of a tattoo store.

Ive seen many barber shops but this one is bad ass! They have a DJ, drinks and so much more!

Fifth street on my way home.

Yes, we have a local bike thief. Who knows if he will ever be caught but it is what it is.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keep it Real

There I was walking towards the sound of the ocean and to my left was "The shot".  There was a young boy feeding his dog. Long story short I asked to take a photo but the boy didn't want his face in the shot. " Sure No problem" I said as I crept closer with Canon in strong grip; I'm always ready for the next shot. The boy let go of the Pis leash for he seemed to concern about me getting his face in my shot. I'm pretty good at picking up energy and Ill tell you this Pit did not like me. I found that strange because I never had issues with animals not liking me. Ok, ok so anyway… The dog jumped up on my chest looking me dead in the eyes and barking. Was I scared? Dayum straight I was shitting a brick but I remained calm, anything to get "the shot".  So on with this story… I told the boy to fetch the Pis leash and control his little beast . This is the shot!

Thats not much to say here. It is what it is.

Ok, girls this shot has a little story, it goes something like this… Im scanning the beach with my lens , as I always do. I see a bad ass! tattoo on some guys back. He's by a garbage can with his back towards me and he's feeding the beach birds. That was the shot I was going for but… the time I focused my lens cause I shoot in manual at all times well, he turned and walked towards the ocean. I shouted towards him," Thanks, you just ruined my shot!". He looked at me puzzled yet curious what I meant so, he approached me and I explained the shot I was going for as he turned towards the ocean. We both laughed and he walked two feet before me and posed. This is that shot.

Mohawk screams ," take a photo of me". And thats just what I did. Add gymnastics and its a shoot.

The sound of a bike goes through my body like a train and shakes my soul; yet, there is something about the look of a bike. The masculantiy is sexy.  I'm assuming he's a local on the beach do to his staff shirt.  I had a ride on a Harley on this strip , Ocean drive once before and it was liberating. The sound of the waves coming in from the ocean and the music popping from clubs that lined the strip takes your soul on an acid trip. Natural High baby! This guy reminded me of my experience and I had to get this shot!

Star Dust hotel on Collins ave . This building is under construction yet the frame remains. When I saw this angle of the hotel it remind me of a hotel that would be in an old school gangster movie. I visioned it in black and white and my imagination ran: A long legged vixen walking down the stairs but all I can see was her legs as her silky dress bounced with each step which revealed her upper thigh which a laced garter hugged. I was wondering maybe she smoked cigars or maybe one of those long ciggerettes. You get the drift. this is the shot!

Skater Dudes, Love them! They have a vibe all of their own. Some may fall into the surfer Dudes too. It's a way of life , you can't just wake up one day and say, " Hey I'm a skater Dude'. Nope, doesn't work this way. This Dude was skating with his friends, which you can see behind him. I wasn't ready for the shot, I could kick myself in my ass for not being alert to my surroundings at this very moment. he kneeled down on his board and strikes a pose and rolled past me. This is the shot!

Smoke shop… Ooooo colors.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just because

Here are some photos I taken on the beach. The people I see and the food I eat. 
* Click on photos to make bigger.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fish Lens Photos of South Beach

It's only behind my camera that I see things for what they really are to me. The world disapears and I become one with my Canon. My partner, my better half, my lover, my man gave me these fish lens for my camera. Below are photos of my stroll in South Beach.

Zombies in Miami

A few years back I attended Miami Ad school. I was blessed to work along with some really creative students. Below are some shots I took of a commercial we were creating.