Monday, July 15, 2013

Took a walk today around my streets

Love the streets of SoBe. Yes, tourists blanket our hometown, but if you look deep within the belly of SoBe you will find us locals lurking btwn the shadows. As I walk the streets, my camera captures the souls of these local dwellers and the more I get to know my fellow locals, the prouder I am to be part of this community (The Beach).
Photography has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people on South Beach. Each person I have crossed paths shown me their character and soul. They made me laugh and smile with little stories they shared or comments they would shout just after my shutter sounded.
Every local has a story to be told and I look forward to each day to cover that story with the “click” of my Canon.

When I first took the shot I was upset about the reflection. I wasn't going to post this photo but I had a change of heart. It's actually pretty damn Bad ass! 

Bikes! and more bikes. Everywhere you look are bikes. Some with stolen parts or not. I see them chained to poles and gates all over SoBe. Pretty much every local has a bike to get around the beach.

Local people watcher on washington Avenue

This place is the Bomb! Its right off Washington avenue and in the alleyway.

Caught him dancing around for tourists and handing out flyers to invite them into the lounge. As soon as he saw my camera he struck a pose and vogued. I'm still not sure if the hat and boots were an option or he had to wear it for work. Never -the -less he caught my attention today on Lincoln road.

Local waiters on Lincoln road. It is really cool here! You sit at a table outside and people watch as you eat and enjoy the tropical weather. I am spoiled here :-)

When I get a sweet tooth I go to Lincoln Road. The local workers give out samples before you enter  the candy store. Today I got a sample of ," Mango" smoothie with whipped cream and a strawberry on top. I drank it so fast I forgot to take a photo for you... Next time :-)
* Did I tell you it has two floors of candy? I did now.

The "Havana" across from club -Cameo on washington Avenue. Now, I never ate here but I pass here everyday. It use to be an Italian restaurant . The owner was a sweet man; so was his son, who worked there too. They made the best rice balls on the beach. Any- hoot, it is now re-owned and I love the look of this new restaurant. And the local women who work here, look so beautiful in there white flowing dresses.

Cameo night club, I guess I can say it's my second home. As many of you know I am always posting photos on my Facebook of Cameo. So, with that said, ill get back to my thought process on this shot I took today in cameo. " All I need is Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, etc." and this shot would be complete. Hrm... maybe, the "Rat pack".

An old sun dial from 1938 still showcases its presence on an elementary school entrance. 

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