Monday, October 21, 2013

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Things are never what they seem to be. That old saying, “ Don’t judge a book by its cover”. 
So, I sit there with sand btwn my toes and the sun beaming its rays onto my fair skin. On the right side of me lying on a towel is a woman with her breasts bare as her friend overlooks my status. I know she’s thinking I want to sneak a photo of her friend’s breasts: however, that was not my intention. 
As I bring my camera up to my eye, I began to scan the beach. Wait, could it be? Hell yeah! I see before me a girl in tats, with a big white flower pinned to the right side of her beach shagged onyx black hair. I zoom in, not that much just a little to feel the scene out, than my shutter closes. 

I couldn’t get a good look so I went in a little closer.  And I got more than I bargained for. My spirit did a full turn around and found a story that I couldn’t wait to document. 

Family, friends, unity of love; is the foundation of a child that brings my soul warmth.  Full attention is on the child. When I saw this, my world was okay.


Love Affair

The love affair I have with my Canon, no one can compete. It’s my escape of the reality that is seen by the human eye. Through my lens I have a love affair with the world as I see it.
I sit patiently like a cougar hunting her prey. I get excitement within that is ready and willing to shoot the moments that create stories for me to share with you.

We don't have snow here in Miami but we sure have lots of sand. The child within took over this woman as she laid flat on the shoreline making Angels in the sand. Love Miami!