Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Day on Ocean Drive

You can Google "Ocean Drive in South Beach", but to experience Ocean Drive you have to see it with your own eyes. I am blessed to live in South Beach, Miami. Every-time I go to Ocean Drive I never see the same thing twice. I never see the same people twice. South Beach, Miami; as my partner puts it," it's a melting pot". 

The Zen feeling of the ocean and sand is on their left and the high party energy on their right. Combine these two energies , it's out of this world!

I dont surf, I did the Scuba thing years ago with my man, that was cool. Any-hoot, I am just fascinated with the vision of Surfers. They always have me mesmerized . I have some friends here that Surf and they are Bad ass! Ill get some shots of them surfing and show you all.

This is a little gift store by the information center on Ocean drive. Tourists' crowd in here to buy little things to bring home to their friends and loved ones or even for themselves. It's right across the street from the Clevelander . 

Mangos! Fun , fun, fun! The art work painted on the walls waken your spirit, and the latin music which you can hear laying on the beach across the way ,has you dancing .

The bartenders make a killer mojito. And the sexy girls entertain us right on top of this bar with their latin moves.

Every tropical paradise has to have a photographer that takes your photo with his birds . I thought this time I take his photo.

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